class fees

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Below is a general pricing guide for group and individual classes and other services. 


  • Craft, knitting or crochet classes: 2 to 3 persons, $12 per person (approximately 1 hour)
    • 4 class workshop = $50 per person
  • Meditation: 2 to 3 persons, $15 per person per session (approximately 45 to 1 hour)
    • 4 class workshop = $50 per person
  • Any class (craft, knitting, crochet or meditation): 4 or more persons: $10 per person per class
    • 4 class workshop = $40 per person
  • "Sit & Stitch" classes (craft, knitting or crochet) & meditation, 2 to 3 persons, $15 per person
    • 4 class workshop = $55 per person
  • Aromatherapy: 2 to 3 persons, $15 per person
    • 4 class workshop = $55 per person
  • Group classes are tailored to the needs and interests of attendees and have included: girl scouts, adult classes, special needs, children, public libraries, support groups and private groups. 
  • Depending on class, materials fees may be required.

Special Pricing for Student Groups

  • Up to 10 kids for meditation, $50
  • 11 to 18 for meditation, $75
  • 19 and up, base rate of $85, plus additional fees depending on exact number of children
  • Classes last approximately 1 hour.
  • Other special rates for student groups for other types of classes can be arranged.


  • For craft, knitting and crochet instruction: $20 per session (approximately 1 hour)
  • For meditation instruction: starts at $15 per session (approximately 1 hour)
  • For aromatherapy: $15 per session (approximately 45 minutes) ~ additional charges for any purchases of oils by client (if requested)
  • Depending on class, a materials fee may be required.

Children's Parties

  • $10 per child for most 45 to 1 hour classes.  (includes basic supplies for most projects)
  • $15 per chiild for longer or additional projects.
  • Special goody bags, additional

Special fees for Craft Happens classes, special workshops and events. 

Special Needs: Same prices apply for special needs classes.  Shadows and assistants who assist special needs participants are always welcome and are not charged extra. 

Payment: Payment for multiple class workshops or sessions is required at or before first class/session.

Materials:  There is a $5 materials fee for most classes.  For special projects, additional materials may be required and such costs will be added. 

Cancellations: If a class is cancelled by instructor, the class will be rescheduled or added to the end of the series of classes.   If a student is cancelling a class, 24 hour notice is appreciated.  For group multi-session classes on pre-set, scheduled dates, individual students will not be provided for a refund for missed classes.  For organization or group bookings, individual students will not be refunded for classes missed or be allowed to make-ups.  If the instructor is available for the class and has reserved the class time, no refunds or makeups will be provided for the cancellation for multi-session classes for organization or group bookings.  Refunds or special discounts are up to discretion of Crafting a Calmer Self, LLC. If you have a question about a class, workshop, series, service, event or fee, feel free to contact us at (201) 281-7145 or via email