class fees

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Fees for classes vary based on type of service, length of session and/or materials provided (if applicable).  Most aromatherapy consultations start at $15 per hour.   Most crochet, knitting or art lessons start at $15 per session (if materials are provided by CCS there will may be a materials fee, which starts at $5 and up).  Meditation instruction and coaching session start at $15 per session.   Due to Covid-19, many sessions have been switched to a virtual format which may reduce the cost of sessions for groups.  

Cancellations: If a class is cancelled by instructor, the class will be rescheduled or added to the end of the series of classes.   If a student is cancelling a class, 24 hour notice is appreciated.  For group multi-session classes on pre-set, scheduled dates, individual students will not be provided for a refund for missed classes.  For organization or group bookings, individual students will not be refunded for classes missed or be allowed to make-ups.  If the instructor is available for the class and has reserved the class time, no refunds or makeups will be provided for the cancellation for multi-session classes for organization or group bookings.  Refunds or special discounts are up to discretion of Crafting a Calmer Self, LLC. If you have a question about a class, workshop, series, service, event or fee, feel free to contact us at (201) 281-7145 or via email