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Welcome to Crafting a Calmer Self (

  • Crafting a fuller and calmer life together.
  • Meditative and Therapeutic Art Life Coaching.
  • Creative Arts Instruction for people of all ages and abilities. 
  • HOLISTIC Personal Development is our mission.
  • Everyday Adventures for everyone. 

Lots of Things Happening in 2023! Click "calendar" for class schedule, descriptions, and fees. Click "calendar" for dates and times.

See "Calendar" to learn about our offerings and events.

Upcoming Events!

  • 1/15 Mind & Body - Setting Intentions for the New Year on Zoom at 7pm
  • 1/27 Valentine Ceramic Craft 2pm - 3:30pm IN PERSON ($30 fee, includes materials)
  • 2/11 Zoom Valentine Crafting 4pm ($20 fee)

Remote Learning Classes Join us for art and social experiences on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons for virtual learning.  

Everyday Adventures Everyday Adventures is an inclusive life course center to support individuals of all abilities to find their own paths through creative arts and vocational pursuits.  Special classes and workshops are designed to support the needs of individuals with special needs and developmental disabilities.  Classes aim to provided indvidual or small group instruction in a variety of areas, including: art, crafting, social emotional development, sewing/design skills, goal-development, vocational development, and life planning.  Classes are mostly offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  In Person and Remote options provided. Email Debra at for information, pricing and calendar.    

Private Sessions in Therapeutic Art Life Coaching and Aromatherapy Wellness.  

  • Therapeutic Art Life Coaching: Work with a certified therapeutic art life coach to explore and development goals, dreams and strategies through the use of art and creative media. 
  • Aromatherapy Wellness Consultations: Work with a certified clinical aromatherapist to map out your aromatherapy wellness map.   We are not sellers of MLM products.  Sessions are aimed at teaching the client about ways aromatherapy can be used to compliment one's wellness journey.  Individual recommendations are made for each client.  If the client is interested, individualized blends can be made for the client. 
  • All sessions are led by a certified meditation instructor, certified therapeutic art life coach, and certified clinical aromatherapist.   

Debra McGauley-Eichhorn, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach, Certified Meditation Instructor

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Debra McGauley-Eichhorn - Director & Lead Instructor


Phone: (201)281-7145

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